Help Me Find God!

Elmer Grobler

Is your life a dead-end?
Are you wondering what life is truly about?
Are you looking for true purpose and meaning in life?

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Where to look for God
In order to know God, you
must know two things:

1. Where to look for, and learn about Him

2. How to enter into a personal relationship with Him
If you are looking for true purpose and meaning in life, you have arrived at the correct address. You will only be able to find true purpose in life when you find God - for He created you for His purpose! Unless you find God - you will never find true purpose and meaning in this world!

In the presentation that follows we will be leading you step by step in your quest for God.

1.  Where to look for, and learn about God

How will you know who God is?

How will you know who God is? Is He a force of some kind or another? Do all roads lead to God? Or you may be wondering, does God really exist?

How will you know what is the truth about God? How will you know that you are not following a myth or a deception? In order to know who God is, you must have a reliable source of information about God. You must know where to look for God. You must be able to trust your source of information.

Four criteria will Reveal the Reliability of your Source about God!

Listed below are four criteria or guidelines you may use to test the truth about God. You may test the reliability of your source about God by the following standards:

  1. The source must consist of a detailed, authoritative, coherent, consistent revelation of God, His character and being, without any contradiction; for which consensus occurs over a broad spectrum of the world's peoples, nations, tribes and tongues.

  2. The source must provide a believable and coherent revelation of the origin, beginning and purpose of heaven and earth; and of the consummation and end-purpose of all things in relation to God in eternity.

  3. The source must contain a coherent and systematic revelation of God's plan and purpose with humanity as a whole. This revelation must offer a supernatural, workable and practical solution to the problems of humanity and society which leads to Divine purpose; morality, deliverance, freedom, liberty and peace; growth and development, both spiritually and materially; hope for all, both spiritually and materially; and most importantly, salvation unto eternal life -- without any discrimination.

  4. The source must be written by more than one independent authors. The authors must be in full consensus without contradiction, and the contents must form one coherent whole like the picture of a jig-saw puzzle.

A Rebel Finds God Behind the Steering Wheel of his Motorcar!

My name is Elmer Grobler, and in the following paragraphs I would like to tell you how I found the answer to the above four criteria. Do you know, more than 55,000,000 people are searching for the phrase "help me find god" just on Google every month! Although this was before Google's time, I was one of the millions searching for truth about God.

Although I was brought up in a Christian home, I rebelled against Christianity as a teenager and refused to accept the Bible as the truth. At the age of 26 I began searching for the truth. I refused to speak to any Christian and avoided contact with Christians at any cost because I was brought up in a Christian home and wanted to avoid what I perceived to be Christian indoctrination. However, an inner conflict raged within me and I began searching for the truth by reading various books and articles - anything but Christian!

My soul was dark, without a ray of light. One day I came to breaking point and I just drove off in my motorcar to nowhere. While I was driving I came under the conviction of my sinful life. I suddenly realised that I was running away from God, and for the first time in my life I spoke to God as if He was alive and real!  I confessed that I was running away from Him and I asked Him for forgiveness. Nobody spoke to me and I did not even read anything that pointed me in the right direction, but a miracle happened. Suddenly the light of God shined into the dungeon of my soul, my darkness was lifted and I was free! The love of God flooded my soul!

Without anybody telling me, I suddenly realised who God was! Jesus Christ was revealed to me as God the Son, God revealed to humanity in a human body, and I accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour. I was born again by the Spirit of God and my life was changed completely. I started reading the Bible and through its pages the God of heaven, Creator of heaven and earth, was revealed to me as a living reality. This was no indoctrination or educational exercise! This was a supernatural revelation!

After three years I went through a serious crisis in my life and this shook my faith to it's roots. I could not understand why God could allow such a destructive thing to happen to me and I began doubting God. Once again I began doubting the source of what I had believed as the truth, and I stopped reading the Bible.

For seven years I lived a back-slidden life until God in His immeasurable mercy, once again revealed Himself to me. I once again surrendered my life fully to Him and He restored my faith. Once again He revealed Himself to me through the pages of the Bible - and I have since been living a victorious Christian life for more than 25 years! I have discovered my purpose and found assurance of salvation, peace, fulfilment and happiness that surpasses all human understanding!

Only ONE source in the world conforms to ALL four criteria listed above:

I discovered that there is only one sacred writing that complies with every one of the above four criteria - this is the Bible! I came to the conclusion that the Bible is the only source about God that I and anyone else can fully trust! I came to the conclusion that if someone is looking for God, you will find Him only in the Bible! I know this may come as a shock to some of you, while some of you may be angered by my statement. However, it will serve no purpose to beat about the bush or compromise the truth if you are serious about finding and knowing God.

I have since met hundreds other, and know of millions of Christians world wide who have found the same assurance of salvation, peace, fulfilment and happiness that surpasses all human understanding - with the Bible as the foundation of their faith. 

Ten 'Knock-Out' Reasons Why the Bible is the Truth

Although there are many more, I am going to give you only ten reasons why I believe the Bible is the true and infallible Truth and Word of God:

1. The first reason is that nobody in the world who has ever searched for the truth with an open and honest heart and mind, has ever failed to find the truth of God in the Bible! Millions of people have found it over the centuries and millions of people are finding it at present! If you are really looking for the truth, start reading the Bible - and decide for yourself! Christians have no problem if their followers read other religion's sacred writings - the truth will prevail! The Bible has no competition - it is in a class of its own!

2. The second reason is the miracle of its compilation. The Bible is not the fruit of only one author. If the Bible was written by only one author, it's authority could have been challenged. The Bible was written over a period of 1,400 to 1,800 years by more than 40 different authors, containing 66 books, 1,189 chapters and 31,240 verses - consisting of one coherent message, beginning with creation in Genesis chapter 1 and ending with consummation in Revelation chapter 22 - each book and chapter forming a vital part of the coherent whole, without a single contradiction in its context. What do you think the chances are that a book written by 40 authors over a period of 1,800 years would produce such a result?

3. The Bible was finally compiled in 387 AD and has for the past more than 1,600 years been accepted by the entire Christian church world wide as the inspired Word of God without any division! The claim by some that the Bible has been changed is a myth, if not an outright lie. The Bible is also the greatest selling Book in history and the Book that has been translated into the greatest number of languages in the world. It is the only sacred writing that can be read by the majority of the world population - and will within a short number of years be the ONLY book in the world to be translated into a language understood by every person on earth!

4. The Bible has no barriers. Millions of people are discovering the truth of the Bible across the globe in every country of the world. The message of the Bible has no national, cultural, class, language, racial, or political boundaries. It is God's Word for every person, of every nation, culture, tribe and tongue through all the ages!

5. The Bible reveals God's true purpose in creation and His true purpose and plan for every one of His creatures. The Bible also reveals the reason for the state of this world. It not only contains God's perfect solution for the social problems of this world, but above all contains the only and perfect plan of restoration from the fall. The Bible is the only book in the world that provides a solution to the problem of sin and the fall, and offers assurance of salvation for everyone who believes!

6. The New Testament of the Bible reveals the history of Jesus Christ, the revelation of God in a human body, the Saviour of the world, His crucifixion, His resurrection from the grave and His ascension into heaven. These are indisputable facts that were witnessed by multitudes. While many people over the centuries have attempted to disprove these facts - none have succeeded! While there is overwhelming evidence to prove these facts historically correct, nobody has ever succeeded in proving them wrong! At best critics have succeeded to spread unreliable and unsubstantiated rumours! Jesus Christ is God's "Human Answer" to man's quest for God - and this revelation is found only in the Bible!

7. Jesus Christ of the Bible is the only author of any faith with an empty grave! If it can be proved that Jesus Christ did not rise from the dead, Christianity will die! If Jesus Christ did not rise from the dead, the Christian faith is worthless! However, if the resurrection of Jesus Christ is true - that changes everything! Millions of people around the world are coming to the indisputable conclusion that Jesus Christ really is alive and reveals Himself alive to every single person who seeks Him in truth!!

8. The Bible is the ultimate source of all progress, advancement, development, prosperity and liberty in the world. The political systems of democracy, freedom of choice, education and free enterprise are inherited from Biblical principles. Where the Bible is honoured, there is progress and development! Where the Bible is absent or suppressed, there is regression, poverty and bondage. That's the reason why 53% of the world's income belongs to 33% of the world's Christian population.

9. Christianity cannot be killed, because it is built on the eternal principles of the Bible. The more Christians that are killed the more the Church grows! "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." This was proved in China where little more than 60 years ago, in 1949, there were less than 4 million Christians after all foreign missionaries were expelled and Christians brutally persecuted by a most repressive communist regime. Today China has the largest Christian population in the world, having exceeded the 100 million mark, and growing!

10. The tenth reason why I believe the Bible is the truth and infallible Word of God, is because God, the Creator of heaven and earth, was revealed to me through its pages. Nobody told me that the God of the Bible was the true God - this was a revelation! This revelation was not only a mental revelation, but a spiritual revelation to such an extend that to this very day I have a personal and intimate spiritual relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. What's more is that God, the Creator of heaven and earth has been, and will be revealed through the pages of the Bible to every single person who seeks Him with a sincere heart!

2.  How to enter into a personal relationship with God

Are you searching for the truth? We want to guide you in a short and simple, but systematic manner through the truths of the Bible in such a way that you will be able to enter into a personal relationship with God!

How To Enter Into A Personal Relationship With God

What do you think?

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